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We are based in Macedonia and operate throughout Europe selling our products. Initially, the project was as a CMT operation servicing our UK partner Comfy Quilts Ltd. Until recently we have been solely supporting the UK operation. However, we are now pro-actively growing our own sales across Europe.

Specialized in production of filled bedding, we have many different qualities and designs of fabric available.
Mainly using synthetic materials, we produce on site pillows, quilts, throwovers, mattress covers, sleeping bags and all aspects of bedding. Besides the regular lines, we also make specific products such as waterproof, anti-allergenic and fire retardant items.

We have a large capacity on site and monthly capacity up to 400,000 pillows, 120,000 duvets, 200,000 mattress protectors, 160,000 units of bedding, together with 140,000 pieces of in house designed packaging. And...we can extend this quickly by +30% within 4 weeks.

Our site here in Prilep is approx 22500m² and we employ near 1000 staff. 

We work to equivalent ISO 9001:2000 Standards and comply with UK Health & Safety Legislation when we gained the highest possible rating on an internationally recognized technical and ethical audit.
Our factory is Oeko-Tex and BSCI accredited.We also attained the Intertek ICS Social and Ethical audits with the highest marks as well as numerous other UK retailer audit accreditations. (SGS, Intertek, SMETA)

We currently export to most countries in Europe. Our sales have reached UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Malta, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Holland, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, etc. and from the non-European countries to Brasil and Kuwait, with tendency to expand even more. We have a small local market which we are also looking to increase.

 The main goals of our company are:

  1. Satisfying customer requirements with quality, price and delivery times
  2. Trading to better than expected standards
  3. Consider and respect the environment we work in
  4. Developing new products through our own initiative
  5. Developing business relationships
  6. Trade with an ethical standard and correct health and safety procedure
  7. Maintain and work in a safe, clean and controlled  environment

We pride ourselves in having an enthusiastic team spirit within our staff and management structure. This is also passed on to our workforce. We have regular team and committee meetings to keep improving.

One big advantage for us is our position geographically. We are in situated in the crossroad of the Balkans and have easy access by road to most European countries.